Flood Recovery at the Lake Superior Zoo

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On June 20, 2012 the Lake Superior Zoo, along with the rest of the Northland, experienced a devastating flood. Kingsbury Creek, which runs through the heart of the zoo, became a path of destruction, causing unprecedented damage to buildings and grounds, as well as the loss of fourteen beloved zoo animals.

Status of the Polar Shores Exhibit
The hardest hit facility at the zoo was the Polar Shores exhibit, home to a polar bear, harbor seals, river otters and silver-phase red foxes. Although staff were able to rescue these animals, when the 14 feet of flood waters receded it became clear that we could not return them to the exhibit. Polar Shores remains closed and the animals have been relocated to other accredited zoos or are being housed off-exhibit at the zoo. More on Polar Bears and the Lake Superior Zoo here.

The Lake Superior Zoological Society (the non-profit organization that operates the zoo), the City of Duluth (the owners of the zoo) and the community are working together to determine the future vision for this exhibit and for the Lake Superior Zoo.