Parrot Pandemonium and New Enclosures

Hello everyone! If you have been to the zoo recently, I hope you stopped in Grigg’s Learning Center. If not, I suggest you visit to enjoy a new view of the parrots. That’s right, new parrot enclosures have been installed providing a clear view of our pandemonium of parrots! A group of parrots is also referred to as a company or flock, and numbers can reach up to 1,000! Talk about social animals.

The parrots are my favorite part of the zoo, particularly since I’m lucky enough to call an Umbrella Cockatoo part of my family. When the parrots here start making noise, I’m reminded of home. I was thoroughly excited to witness the transfer of Lake Superior Zoo’s company of parrots into their new homes within my first couple months of working here.

A bequest to the zoo enabled us to provide these new enclosures, and we can’t thank our donors enough for all of their support. Our donors make updates like this possible!

Meet Each Parrot at YOUR Lake Superior Zoo

Sammy and Piko on their perch.

Sammy and Pico on their perch.

Cricket, a Black-headed Caique (pronounced: “Ki-eek”) is an entertaining fellow. His favorite thing to do is hang upside down from your finger. Sometimes we don’t know if he’s a parrot or a bat!

Alex is our Moluccan Cockatoo. He may not like to be held, but loves to have his neck scratched!
In case you’re wondering, he’s a little bigger than an Umbrella Cockatoo and where Alex has pink coloring, my friend, Rocko, is all white with yellow under his wings.

Blue and Gold Macaws, Sammy & Pico, have their enclosures right next to each other. There is even a door that can open, so every once in a while you might see them together on a “date.”

Korbel, our Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot, is the most talkative of the parrots, and I can hear her clearly on the other side of the building. You will likely walk in and be greeted with a “Hello.”

Have You Hear of Our A.D.O.P.T. Program?

An acronym for Animals Depend On People Too, Lake Superior Zoo’s A.D.O.P.T. Program allows you to donate to YOUR zoo and have your funds go directly to the animal of your choice! Funds from your donation go directly to feed, provide enrichment, and care for the animals. If birds aren’t your thing, maybe the Green Tree Python or African Lion are more your style. You can see them all here at YOUR Lake Superior Zoo!




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