Grades 6-12 Programs

Please contact Jessamy Schwartz at least 2 weeks in advance to schedule a program: email or 218-730-4500 ext. 205. Costs listed below are in addition to zoo admission unless otherwise stated. There is no additional program charge for adults attending programs with Grades 6-12 student groups, except Zoo Careers: Behind the Scenes.

60-minute Programs

Cost: Add $2.00 per student, $35 minimum

  • Zoo Jobs – Learn what it’s like to work at a zoo! Meet four live animals as you explore the careers of zookeeper, animal trainer, educator, and veterinarian.
  • Animal Classification – Live animals help students test their animal classification skills.
  • Animal Behavior Studies – Learn what it’s like to be a field biologist as we uncover the mysterious lives of animals through observation and data recording.
  • Raptors – Close encounters with birds of prey provide a memorable experience to learn about bird adaptations and ecological concepts.

Zoo Careers: Behind the Scenes

Two-hour Program
Cost: Add $3.00 per student & adult, $55 minimum

Experience what it’s like to work at a zoo! Students have the opportunity to learn about the many jobs at a zoo including zookeepers, educators, and veterinarians. Tour behind-the-scenes, prepare animal diets, observe animal training, read x-rays, and more!

Zookeeper Job Shadowing

Cost: $30 per student (includes zoo admission)
Available September-April

Do you have a student interested in zookeeping? This program allows students to spend a morning helping behind the scenes at the zoo. They’ll get to prepare animal diets, make animal enrichments, tour our veterinary clinic, watch animal training, and more!

This experience is specialized for small groups of 2-4 teens. You may schedule a morning that works best for your group. If you only have one teen interested, s/he can register for one of the public offerings of this program.

Guided Zoo Tour

90-minute Program
Cost: Add $2.50 per student, $45 minimum

Tour the zoo with an experienced guide and hear stories and “behind the scenes” information about our animals. Groups larger than 15 people will be split into multiple groups. Optional add-on: Animal Encounter – Meet 3 of our outreach animals during a 30-minute animal encounter after the tour, an extra $1.00 per student.

Guided Experience Package

It’s easier than ever to take a field trip to the zoo! Just show up with your students and lunches, and we’ll provide an education class, indoor lunch space, and a guided tour!

Cost: Add $4.50 per student, $80 minimum
Available November 1 through May 1
Classes must visit the zoo from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Two classes (max. 60 students) from a school can participate each day
Email Jessamy for a sample itinerary and more information