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“Learn, Explore and Play at the Zoo (LEaP)” is a new program that teaches science concepts about animal life cycles through creative activities such as role play, movement, problem solving, and collaboration! The program is based on research that shows encouraging young minds to think creatively helps foster advances in science and innovation.

Funding for free programs has already been allocated for 2016. If you’d like to book this program for your 2nd or 3rd grade class for $2/student plus admission, please contact Jessamy Schwartz at or 218-730-4500 ext. 205.

The first ~40 classes who register for this program will receive:
• FREE admission to the zoo
• Reimbursement for bus transportation (while funding lasts)
• FREE 1-hour LEaP program during their field trip
• FREE activities to use while exploring the zoo before/after the program

Eligibility & Registration (for free programs only):
• Schools with 50% or more of their students enrolled in the federal free and reduced lunch program will be given priority registration until February 29.
• Schools must be located less than 100 miles from the zoo.
• Field trips must take place before May 13, 2016. Field trips taking place prior to May 1 cannot be on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
• Classes must be willing to spend at least 2½ hours at the zoo.
• Free programs are available to approximately 40 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms.
• An application must be filled out and sent to Jessamy Schwartz. Applications are no longer available because all funding has been allocated.


LEaP is a part of the Creativity Garden—a nationwide project of the Association of Science-Technology Centers, generously supported by Disney.