Wish Tree Items:

Primate/Nocturnal:Zoo Animal Wish Tree

Fruit extracts
Sisal rope (any diameter)
Gift Cards for Super One
Lg. Rectangular wall mirror
Hunting Sents & Attractants (fox, raccoon, deer, etc.)
Lg. diameter bamboo for puzzle feeders
Gift card for iTunes to buy Apps
Gift cards for Menards, Amazon, Michaels
Live catnip plants
Medium sized carabiners/quick links

Less needed items:
Peanut butter
Dried Fruit
Fruit Juice
Shelled nuts
Canned chicken and tuna in water


Hunting lures (any except deer)
Portable stereo with CD & Aux jack
Extra Large Quick-Links
Heavy duty 32 gallon trash cans
Gift Cards to Menards and Super One
Animal sound-effect CDs


Large wood log-style reptile hides
Large wood or grass small mammal huts
Small and medium quick links
Parrot puzzle toys
Portable stereo with CD & Aux jack
Gift Cards to Menards, Super One, Michaels, Amazon
Gift Cards to Petco, World of Fish, Dr. Fosters, and Smith
Dried Fruit


Chicken treat squares (such as Happy Hen Treats)
Parrot Puzzle Toys
Rabbit-style chew blocks
ScratchN All hoofstock scratching mat
Swing & Slide rope toy
Dog activity toy/brain teaser toys/puzzle feeders
Gift cards to Menards, Super One, Fleet Farm, Amazon