Give to the Max Day

What does it mean to be a Zookeeper at the Lake Superior Zoo?

Our keepers provide daily care to hundreds of animals comprised of 141 species. Beyond that, they are trainers, educators, caretakers, mediators, mentors, behaviorists, conservationists, nutritionists, and some days maybe even a plumber or a referee… and SO much more! They interact with guests and the media, and the animals in their care have become extended family. It’s more than a job for keepers, it’s their lives.

Join us this Give to the Max Day for an exciting adventure called We are Keepers: A Day in the Life, where you will go behind the scenes to see through the eyes of our animal care staff and get an exclusive look at what your gift goes towards. Your donation during Give to the Max Day 2018 goes further than you could ever imagine – whether it buys a new Kong toy for one-year-old black crested-mangabey Zingo, a fifteen-pound dinner for Leo the African lion, or a cozy sleeper hideaway for one of our sugar gliders – it all makes a difference in the lives of the animals who call the Lake Superior Zoo home.

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Give to the Max Day 2018 happening on Thursday, November 15 all day long!