Wish List

What do a plastic kiddie pool, peanut butter and a push broom have in common?  Answer: They are all items that will be greatly appreciated when you donate them to the zoo.

Enrichment items for animals, supplies, furnishings and more are on this wish list created by the staff at the Lake Superior Zoo. Please consider making a donation. Along with new items, we also accept those that are gently used and in good working condition.

Ways to Make a Wish List Donation

  • Choose an item for your favorite animal from our Amazon Wishlist.
  • Bring your wish list item/donation to the zoo’s main office. Please let us know that you are making a donation from the wish list. We will collect your information and provide you with a donation receipt.
  • Order the item from the noted vendor and have it shipped to the zoo. Please identify the item as coming from you and also include “Wish List” in the memo area. Keep your receipt for your taxes.
  • Make a cash donation to the zoo that is designated for a wish list item. You may do this at GiveMN or by mailing a check to the zoo.

Lake Superior Zoo
7210 Fremont Street
Duluth, MN   55807

Questions about the wish list can be directed to our development office. Phone 218-730-4500, ext. 311 or Email Us.

Animal Enrichment Wish List

The following items can be new or used:
Ambient music CDs • Baby/toddler toys • Bath Towels (Lg) • Bird toy parts • Boat bumpers • Body Sprays/Perfumes • Bread baskets (lg. plastic grocery type) • Cable spools (no larger than 4’ diameter) • Car wash strips • Chains (wide links preferred) • Channelizers (variety of sizes) • Corrugated drainage pipe (variety of sizes) • Jingle/ cow bells • Mirrors (Plastic mirrors only) • Paper tubes (Lg) • Paint stir sticks/Tongue depressors • Wooden Picnic Table • Pinwheels (Plastic) • Radios with functioning CD players • Rubber duckies • Scatter feeder (timed) • Steel puzzle feeders • Storage shelving units • Street Sweeper Brushes • Windsocks• Shepard’s Hooks

The following items should be new:
Sisal rope (any size)• Bird toys • Canned tuna and chicken (packed in water)• Apple juice • Amazing Graze Feeders • Jolly Eggs (various sizes) • Wooden eggs, blocks, spheres, miscellaneous shapes (as found in craft stores, not painted) • Magnetic aquarium glass scrubbing blocks • Wooden Deck Brushes • Scent Lures for various animals • Remote control car/helicopter • Portable DVD players and animal DVDs • Heavy duty carabineers, quick-links • Rotating sprinkler • Mister lines that attach to hoses • Disco balls • Plastic Ferret Logs (Otto Environmental) • Local nursery gift cards • Menards/Home Depot gift cards • Petco gift cards • Crinkle tubes (ferret to child sizes) • Plush bat toys (sewn-on eyes preferred) • Plastic Aquarium plants w/base • Cheap straws • Heavy duty hay bags/feeders • Heavy duty plastic hay balls • Heavy Duty Rubbermaid Garbage Cans • “Foobler” dog puzzle feeder • Timed-Release food dispensers or feeders.


Guest Services Wish List

Microwave (high wattage/power) • Sturdy folding step stool • Dolly for banquet chairs • Large ice bucket/bin • Gas insert for fireplace • Fireplace screen • Suction cups w/hooks • Magnets – Heavy duty, round • Plants/flowers • Planters • Hand cart w/inflatable tires • Golf cart w/hauling back • Portable CD players with MP3 input jack • Box and oscillating fans • Heat laminator/supplies • Wireless color printer and ink • Cricut Expressions cutting machine/supplies • Business calculators • Two 10 to 15-foot artificial Christmas trees (new) • Five to ten 6-foot banquet tables (Lifetime brand) • Five to ten 8-foot banquet tables (Lifetime brand) • Ten to twenty four-foot tall cocktail table (small rounds)