Membership FAQs

Q) When will I get my membership card?
A) Your permanent membership card should arrive within two weeks from the time of purchase, unless you purchase it during our spring membership drive, then it may take up to 1 month. If you renew in person, a temporary card will be given to you. If you mail your payment, please allow additional time for processing.

Q) May I visit before I get my card?
A) Absolutely! Just bring your photo ID and your temporary card, or a printed copy of the email confirmation if you purchased online, to the Admissions window.

Q) Can I bring guests with my membership?
A) Yes, if your membership level covers them. If you have an Individual, Family, or Grandparent membership, only the one or two adults named on the card and the respective children are admitted for free. For each Plus One added to a membership, you may bring one free guest (of any age) per visit for a year. And of course, Conservationist members may always bring two free guests per visit. Guests must be accompanied by a named card holder.

Q) What if I want to bring a guest before I get my card in the mail?
A) Just stop by the Admissions window with your photo ID and your temporary card, or a printed copy of the email confirmation if you purchased online, to verify your membership level or to purchase a Plus One.

Q) May I still visit if I have misplaced my membership card?
A) Yes, just stop by the Admissions window and present your photo ID. If you have misplaced your card permanently, you can order a new card for a $5.00* processing fee. Your new card will be mailed to you. *Price subject to change.

Q) Why do I have to show photo ID when I use my card to enter the zoo?
A) Verifying your identity, level of membership and current membership status ensures that the benefits of membership are provided only to those who are entitled to them.

Zoo memberships are the best deal in town, and we want them to remain that way! The revenue generated from admissions and memberships helps keep our prices affordable for as many people in our community as possible.

Q) May I lend my membership card to a friend or family member?
A) No, memberships are non-transferable and are valid only for the person(s) whose name(s) appears on the card. Photo ID is required for entrance. Abuse or misuse of your membership card will result in the termination of your benefits.

Q) May I purchase or renew my membership online?
A) Yes, you can purchase a new membership, renew an existing membership or give a gift membership on our website:

Q) May I purchase a membership for more than one year?
A) Not at this time. Memberships can only be purchased for one year.

Q) When does my membership expire?
A) Your membership will expire one year from the last day of the month of purchase. For example, if you buy a membership on May 1, 2018, it will expire May 31, 2016.

Q) Do I lose any time on my membership if I renew early?
A) No, you do not lose any time on your membership. If you renew early, a year will be added to your existing expiration date.

Q) What happens if I upgrade my membership or add a Plus One before the expiration date?
A) Your membership will be upgraded to the level that you choose for the remainder of your current membership. Upgrading your membership will not change your expiration date. Therefore, if you are within two months of expiration, you should simply renew your membership at the higher level. This will extend your membership at the higher level for one year from the current expiration date.

Q) How do I make a correction to my membership card?
A) If your card contains a spelling or other error, contact the Membership Coordinator at 218-730-4500 ext. 202 or send an email to with your full name and the correction to be made. If it was our error, we will issue a corrected membership card free of charge.

Q) How may I change my mailing address or email address?
A) You may change the mailing or email address for your membership by sending an email to, over the phone by calling 218-730-4500 ext. 202, or by stopping by in person at the Tiger’s Paw Gift Shop with your full name, old address and new address. Your mailing address will be updated in our system. If you would like to receive a new membership card with your updated address, there will be a $5.00* processing fee. *Price subject to change.

Q) Do you offer a discount for Active Military, students, or seniors?
A) No, at this time we do not offer discounts of any kind on memberships. There are select discounts on our single-day admission rates.

Q) Is my membership payment tax deductible?
A) No. You receive a significant value with your membership purchase so there is no tax deductibility.

Q) I’m moving. May I transfer my membership to someone else?
A) No, memberships are non-transferable and are valid only for the person whose name appears on the card. We suggest you use your membership for reciprocal admission at the zoo closest to where you are moving until it expires and then purchase a membership to that zoo.

Q) May I put my membership on hold?
A) No, memberships become active immediately upon purchase and are valid for one full year. They cannot be suspended.

Q) When may I use my membership?
A) Membership is valid for general admission to the Lake Superior Zoo during regular operating hours all year long. Memberships are also valid for some of the zoo’s special events, such as the Easter EGG-stravaganza and Earth Tracks.

Q) Are there times when I cannot use my membership to visit the zoo?
A) Yes. Zoo fundraisers, such as Uncorked and Tapped for Conservation and Zoo La Palooza are excluded. Memberships do not cover admission to Boo at the Zoo.

Q) May I use my Lake Superior Zoo membership when I come with a group such as my child’s field trip?
A) No. Zoo memberships are not allowed to be used for group admissions. If you and/or your child are part of a pre-paid organized school/group field trip, then you cannot use your membership to enter the Zoo. If you are not an assigned chaperone with your child’s group, but want to accompany your child, you may use your membership and enter the Zoo apart from the group. Your child must enter with the school group or field trip.

Q) Can my children gain admission to the Zoo if I send them with an adult other than the ones named on my card?
A) No. One named card member must accompany the children during each visit to the Zoo. Children will not be allowed entry with the membership card without a named adult present. The Plus One membership option can be added to any membership level and allows you to name an additional adult on your card, such as a nanny, babysitter or grandparent/relative.

Q) Do members receive discounts on food and merchandise? 
A) Yes. Members receive a 10% discount on all purchases in the Tiger’s Paw Gift Shop and Safari Cafe. Finally, members receive discounts for education classes and birthday parties.

Q) Is my membership good at other local attractions? 
A) Yes. Your Lake Superior Zoo membership qualifies you for 50% off admission to the Great Lakes Aquarium and the Duluth Children’s Museum.

Q) Is my membership good at other zoos and aquariums?
A) Yes, there are over 150 zoos and aquariums nationwide that reciprocate with the Lake Superior Zoo for free or reduced admission, including the Minnesota Zoo. A current list of partnering AZA zoos and aquariums can be found at: This is subject to change so you may want to check with each institution before visiting. NOTE: For the AZA Reciprocal Program, most zoos limit the free/discounted admissions to a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children per family membership. Again, please check prior to your visit.

Q) Is my membership good at science centers and museums?
A) Yes, there are over 350 Association of Science – Technology Centers (ASTC) science centers and museums that reciprocate with the Lake Superior Zoo for free admission. A current list of ASTC science centers and museums can be found at: NOTE: For the ASTC Travel Passport Program, some local restrictions may apply. Contact your local participating science center or museum for more information.

Q) May I bring guests with me to special events?
A) If your membership covers guests, you may bring them to special events that are not zoo fundraisers. Memberships and guests must pay admission for fundraising events such as “Boo at the Zoo” and “Uncorked and Tapped for Conservation.”

Q) Now that I have a membership when are the best times to visit?
A) Anytime is a great time to visit Duluth’s Wild Side! Here are some tips to consider when planning your visit:
• Typically, our animals are the most active first thing in the morning and at closing time. This is especially the case during the hot summer months.
• Winter is a great time to visit! Many of our animals are well-adapted to Duluth’s cold climate and absolutely love winter! It’s a great time to see our snow leopard, Eurasian lynx, and Amur tiger at their most active state. On very cold days, our kangaroos and African lions are given the option of staying inside—it is Duluth, after all.
• Many school classes come to the zoo in May for field trips.

Thank you for being a member of the Lake Superior Zoo!